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Our concept


Visiting the desert with us means discovering the desert as it is known by us, Bedouins, far from the most touristic sites such as the Mushroom Rock or the Um Fruth.

We obviously accompany our fellow travellers in the visit of these known places of Wadi Rum, but we do not linger there so much as hidden treasures in Wadi Rum are waiting for you to be discovered!

You will enjoy with our Bedouin guides the best that Wadi Rum has to offer, far from the groups of tourists who have chosen to sleep in hotels that destroy this wonderful nature, and who are all driven at the same time to the same places.

We propose you to visit Wadi Rum in all its splendour, to climb its numerous sandstone cliffs and its sand dunes, Wadi Rum may be a small desert by its size, but it is still immense by the diversity of its landscapes.

You will surely be amazed by the richness of this nature, in Wadi Rum each cliff, each dune, each cave is unique!

At nightfall, the sun will give way to the moon and the wonderful starry sky, from our bivouac you will have a privileged place, without light or sound pollution, to admire this sky which we can only dream of.

We will be your travel companions as much to guide you in the climbing of the dunes and cliffs as to share with you our history, our traditions and our knowledge on this desert welcoming the human being since thousands of years.


Our Bedouin guides will give you a meeting point in the village located on the edge of Wadi Rum, and you will leave to discover the desert in pick-up trucks, no arrival on camels at our side!

You will be able to arrive at your convenience in the morning or at the end of the day, no departure in the middle of the day, except by exceptional request and depending on the availability of our Bedouin guides.

Depending on your arrival time, you will go directly to explore the desert, climb its cliffs, discover its dunes, or join your camp for a night nestled in the hollow of a rock having kept the heat of the day.

We propose various circuits of excursions according to your preferences, you will be able to choose more or less sporting excursions, more or less long, it will be moreover always possible for you whatever your circuit, to choose for one of them to rest in the pick-up and to take again the walk for the following excursion.

We will also make breaks during the day, in the shade of the rocks, especially at lunch time and to drink tea, the famous Bedouin tea that can be enjoyed at any time of the day!

In addition, you can advise us while booking of your choice to go discover the numerous rock paintings of Wadi Rum.

We charge for the day taking into account the night and not the opposite. You will always have the possibility to increase the duration of your stay by making this request to our guides.


Wadi Rum can be discovered in various ways, by our side, the goal will be to make you explore the desert, to take hiking trails, to climb its rocks, Wadi Rum offers many ways to go up to discover views all more dazzling than the others, we told you that Wadi Rum has that of exceptional that it comprises an incredible diversity of landscapes.

Wadi Rum is a very visited desert, our Bedouin guides do not follow the circuit taken by the guides of the various hotels present in the desert, but will allow you to discover other ways, you will be alone, as much as possible, with our guides, or with the small group of tourists which will be yours, in order to be able to appreciate the beauty of Wadi Rum.

You will leave with two guides, one driving the pick-up truck that will take you from one hiking point to the other, and another one who will guide you on foot through the hollows of the cliffs, sand dunes and various canyons that you will have the opportunity to cross.

We adapt the walk to the physical condition of each person and you will always have to rest in the pick-up.

We organize visits that are counted by the day, booking for a day includes one night, but it is also possible to come only for the day or to add extra nights (you can see all the organizational side by contacting us by mail, we will be there to answer all your requests).

We also advise you to stay at least two days in order to discover the less frequented and more remote landscapes, especially at the border with Saudi Arabia, border visible from the summits of Wadi Rum.

In addition, we can guide you to the numerous rock paintings that are inscribed on the rocks of Wadi Rum, as an eternal witness of the human presence in this desert.

These inscriptions are a priceless treasure, the trace of ancient civilizations, paintings full of history, an incredible heritage that is waiting for you to be admired!

These paintings represent the life that was the one of our ancestors, a pastoral life, the scenes are mainly about animals and especially our favorite camelid, faithful companion of the Bedouins for centuries …

To have the opportunity to observe these paintings is a chance and we will be delighted to share with you our knowledge of this art.

We have explained that we want to propose the visit of Wadi Rum in an ethical way, for us this eco-tourism approach is not in contradiction with the fact of proposing you, if you wish, camel rides. Indeed, camels have always been used by the Bedouins and we respect this animal which is the pride and joy of its owner.

We have had a special bond with this animal since childhood and we will be delighted to show it to you. However, we only offer short rides (one or two hour maximum) in order to preserve it, although it is incredibly strong and adapted to its natural habitat.

You will have to indicate this choice at the time of your booking.

In short, we propose you to go on a real exploration of Wadi Rum, to go at the assault of its sandstone cliffs, to walk in the hollows of its rocks, to climb its numerous sand dunes, to witness the numerous richness of this nature which is still largely preserved, to be an actor of the protection of this heritage by choosing an eco-responsible visit and to enrich yourself with all the knowledge on nature and its history, as well as on the history of the population which has been living in Wadi Rum for centuries, by listening to all that our Bedouin guides will share with you, delighted to welcome tourists and to share with them their passion for this unique living place in the world…


“”It is necessary to be in the desert, to know, which is the silence of the night; one would say that it falls from the lamp of each star and the white tomb of the moon” Angèle Maraval-Berthoin, Songs of Hoggar.

We propose you not only to visit Wadi Rum as a simple tourist site, but to live a rich and unique experience, in total immersion in the desert, to feel this feeling of inner peace in front of its immensity, its unique silence in the world, that only the wind or the song of birds come to disturb.

When the sun gradually fades to make way for the moon, you will join a bivouac lit by a fire and candle lights, where you will be welcomed with a cup of tea before starting the delicious meal prepared by the Bedouin chef, then come exchanges and songs in the glow of the fire.

At nightfall, the majestic spectacle of the sky, such as you have never seen it, will be offered to your amazed eyes, filling up little by little with thousands of stars…

Sleeping under the stars is a rich experience, which will awaken all your senses, you will be able to let yourself be invaded by this state of plenitude, specific to the desert, this feeling of deep well-being which grows in front of the immensity of this sky observed in an absolute silence.

To contemplate this sky, nothing is better than to sleep in the Bedouin way, under the stars!

Moreover, as far as comfort is concerned, there is nothing to worry about, we have very comfortable mattresses and big blankets.

The bivouacs are installed in the hollow of the rock which are keeping the heat of the day to restore it to you at night, so if we have tents for those who would prefer more comfort, we affirm you that the nature makes very well the things and that it is quite as hot, and even more, in the hollow of rocks.

This night in the bivouac is the best way to appreciate the desert, no noise will disturb your sleep, no electric spot will disturb your vision of the stars and if someone snores, you will only have to move your mattress, because sleeping in the desert means being free!

Indeed, you will be able to move and choose to sleep on the sand to have the clearest view on the sky, or in the numerous hollows formed in the rock, each one being able to benefit from its intimacy, or to choose to remain grouped and to chatter all the evening, as choosing the bivouac means choosing freedom.

The alternative: overnight in a Bedouin camp

We recommend our visitors to choose the immersive experience we offer with the tour of Wadi Rum by sleeping in a new bivouac each night, which allows to discover more landscapes during the day.
However, we are aware that this type of overnight accommodation is not suitable for all travellers, and we therefore propose an alternative, sleeping in an authentic Bedouin camp.

Our camp is voluntarily a small structure, always in this idea and this will to preserve as well as possible the natural heritage that constitutes Wadi Rum, you will nevertheless have all the comfort that you will need including a common bathroom for all travellers.

However, we will say again that the night under the stars remains the best way to observe the exceptional starry sky of Wadi Rum!


1. Duration of your trip to Wadi Rum

The question of the duration of your visit is entirely up to you, however if you have enough time we recommend you to spend at least two days in Wadi Rum, the number of nights will depend on your arrival and departure time.

It is possible to explore many parts of Wadi Rum in one day, but this is not much compared to the diversity of landscapes that can be discovered and that it would be a shame to miss.

Therefore our advice is to stay at least two days, the best being to stay three days or even more depending on your availability and the organization of the rest of your trip in Jordan.

No matter how many days you spend with us, we will be delighted to welcome you and help you discover Wadi Rum!

2. Arrival and departure time

You can arrive in the desert in the morning between 7 am and 9 am or in the early evening between 5 pm and 7 pm, you will have to specify the desired time of arrival and departure at the time of your booking, for organizational reasons, but these can be modified in case of change in your trip, as long as these changes are communicated to us at least a few days before your arrival date.

3. Meeting point

To enter Wadi Rum, you will first pass through the village located on the outskirts of it, your guide will give you a meeting place by GPS coordinates, you will also benefit from the number of your guide in order to be able to contact him if you do not find the meeting place.

In addition, many guides are on site and will help you find your way.

You will be able to leave your car in the parking lot if you have one, and leave your luggage there.

4. Means of payment

We take payments at the end of your stay, in cash only.

We ask you to organize yourself in order to have the necessary sums, as there are no banks or ATMs in the vicinity of Wadi Rum.

5. Specific diet

We can accommodate food allergies or special diets, such as vegetarian, but we must be informed at the time of booking, so that the information is taken into account.

6. Packing your travel bag

Visiting Wadi Rum does not require to bring your whole suitcase, which can be left at the parking lot of the village without fear. We therefore recommend you to take a backpack to fill with good shoes and clothes both warm and cold depending on the season, and to be careful as the night can be cold even in high season.

Moreover, we advise you to bring a headlamp, the moon being your only lighting once the night falls, you can also think of bringing a pair of open shoes, pleasant to wear after a day of walking in the desert with hiking shoes.

7. When to visit Wadi Rum

It will be easy to find on the internet sites advising you to visit Jordan preferably during the months of March to May and September to October, because of the temperatures that would be the most pleasant for the visits.

It is true that during these months, the weather conditions are particularly favourable for visiting Jordan and especially Wadi Rum.