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Night under the starry sky

“”It is necessary to be in the desert, to know, which is the silence of the night; one would say that it falls from the lamp of each star and the white tomb of the moon” Angèle Maraval-Berthoin, Songs of Hoggar.

We propose you not only to visit Wadi Rum as a simple tourist site, but to live a rich and unique experience, in total immersion in the desert, to feel this feeling of inner peace in front of its immensity, its unique silence in the world, that only the wind or the song of birds come to disturb.

When the sun gradually fades to make way for the moon, you will join a bivouac lit by a fire and candle lights, where you will be welcomed with a cup of tea before starting the delicious meal prepared by the Bedouin chef, then come exchanges and songs in the glow of the fire.

At nightfall, the majestic spectacle of the sky, such as you have never seen it, will be offered to your amazed eyes, filling up little by little with thousands of stars…

Sleeping under the stars is a rich experience, which will awaken all your senses, you will be able to let yourself be invaded by this state of plenitude, specific to the desert, this feeling of deep well-being which grows in front of the immensity of this sky observed in an absolute silence.

To contemplate this sky, nothing is better than to sleep in the Bedouin way, under the stars!

Moreover, as far as comfort is concerned, there is nothing to worry about, we have very comfortable mattresses and big blankets.

The bivouacs are installed in the hollow of the rock which are keeping the heat of the day to restore it to you at night, so if we have tents for those who would prefer more comfort, we affirm you that the nature makes very well the things and that it is quite as hot, and even more, in the hollow of rocks.

This night in the bivouac is the best way to appreciate the desert, no noise will disturb your sleep, no electric spot will disturb your vision of the stars and if someone snores, you will only have to move your mattress, because sleeping in the desert means being free!

Indeed, you will be able to move and choose to sleep on the sand to have the clearest view on the sky, or in the numerous hollows formed in the rock, each one being able to benefit from its intimacy, or to choose to remain grouped and to chatter all the evening, as choosing the bivouac means choosing freedom.