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Our concept


Visiting the desert with us means discovering the desert as it is known by us, Bedouins, far from the most touristic sites such as the Mushroom Rock or the Um Fruth.

We obviously accompany our fellow travellers in the visit of these known places of Wadi Rum, but we do not linger there so much as hidden treasures in Wadi Rum are waiting for you to be discovered!

You will enjoy with our Bedouin guides the best that Wadi Rum has to offer, far from the groups of tourists who have chosen to sleep in hotels that destroy this wonderful nature, and who are all driven at the same time to the same places.

We propose you to visit Wadi Rum in all its splendour, to climb its numerous sandstone cliffs and its sand dunes, Wadi Rum may be a small desert by its size, but it is still immense by the diversity of its landscapes.

You will surely be amazed by the richness of this nature, in Wadi Rum each cliff, each dune, each cave is unique!

At nightfall, the sun will give way to the moon and the wonderful starry sky, from our bivouac you will have a privileged place, without light or sound pollution, to admire this sky which we can only dream of.

We will be your travel companions as much to guide you in the climbing of the dunes and cliffs as to share with you our history, our traditions and our knowledge on this desert welcoming the human being since thousands of years.


Our Bedouin guides will give you a meeting point in the village located on the edge of Wadi Rum, and you will leave to discover the desert in pick-up trucks, no arrival on camels at our side!

You will be able to arrive at your convenience in the morning or at the end of the day, no departure in the middle of the day, except by exceptional request and depending on the availability of our Bedouin guides.

Depending on your arrival time, you will go directly to explore the desert, climb its cliffs, discover its dunes, or join your camp for a night nestled in the hollow of a rock having kept the heat of the day.

We propose various circuits of excursions according to your preferences, you will be able to choose more or less sporting excursions, more or less long, it will be moreover always possible for you whatever your circuit, to choose for one of them to rest in the pick-up and to take again the walk for the following excursion.

We will also make breaks during the day, in the shade of the rocks, especially at lunch time and to drink tea, the famous Bedouin tea that can be enjoyed at any time of the day!

In addition, you can advise us while booking of your choice to go discover the numerous rock paintings of Wadi Rum.

We charge for the day taking into account the night and not the opposite. You will always have the possibility to increase the duration of your stay by making this request to our guides.