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Program during the day

Wadi Rum can be discovered in various ways, by our side, the goal will be to make you explore the desert, to take hiking trails, to climb its rocks, Wadi Rum offers many ways to go up to discover views all more dazzling than the others, we told you that Wadi Rum has that of exceptional that it comprises an incredible diversity of landscapes.

Wadi Rum is a very visited desert, our Bedouin guides do not follow the circuit taken by the guides of the various hotels present in the desert, but will allow you to discover other ways, you will be alone, as much as possible, with our guides, or with the small group of tourists which will be yours, in order to be able to appreciate the beauty of Wadi Rum.

You will leave with two guides, one driving the pick-up truck that will take you from one hiking point to the other, and another one who will guide you on foot through the hollows of the cliffs, sand dunes and various canyons that you will have the opportunity to cross.

We adapt the walk to the physical condition of each person and you will always have to rest in the pick-up.

We organize visits that are counted by the day, booking for a day includes one night, but it is also possible to come only for the day or to add extra nights (you can see all the organizational side by contacting us by mail, we will be there to answer all your requests).

We also advise you to stay at least two days in order to discover the less frequented and more remote landscapes, especially at the border with Saudi Arabia, border visible from the summits of Wadi Rum.

In addition, we can guide you to the numerous rock paintings that are inscribed on the rocks of Wadi Rum, as an eternal witness of the human presence in this desert.

These inscriptions are a priceless treasure, the trace of ancient civilizations, paintings full of history, an incredible heritage that is waiting for you to be admired!

These paintings represent the life that was the one of our ancestors, a pastoral life, the scenes are mainly about animals and especially our favorite camelid, faithful companion of the Bedouins for centuries …

To have the opportunity to observe these paintings is a chance and we will be delighted to share with you our knowledge of this art.

We have explained that we want to propose the visit of Wadi Rum in an ethical way, for us this eco-tourism approach is not in contradiction with the fact of proposing you, if you wish, camel rides. Indeed, camels have always been used by the Bedouins and we respect this animal which is the pride and joy of its owner.

We have had a special bond with this animal since childhood and we will be delighted to show it to you. However, we only offer short rides (one or two hour maximum) in order to preserve it, although it is incredibly strong and adapted to its natural habitat.

You will have to indicate this choice at the time of your booking.

In short, we propose you to go on a real exploration of Wadi Rum, to go at the assault of its sandstone cliffs, to walk in the hollows of its rocks, to climb its numerous sand dunes, to witness the numerous richness of this nature which is still largely preserved, to be an actor of the protection of this heritage by choosing an eco-responsible visit and to enrich yourself with all the knowledge on nature and its history, as well as on the history of the population which has been living in Wadi Rum for centuries, by listening to all that our Bedouin guides will share with you, delighted to welcome tourists and to share with them their passion for this unique living place in the world…