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Travel advice

1. Duration of your trip to Wadi Rum

The question of the duration of your visit is entirely up to you, however if you have enough time we recommend you to spend at least two days in Wadi Rum, the number of nights will depend on your arrival and departure time.

It is possible to explore many parts of Wadi Rum in one day, but this is not much compared to the diversity of landscapes that can be discovered and that it would be a shame to miss.

Therefore our advice is to stay at least two days, the best being to stay three days or even more depending on your availability and the organization of the rest of your trip in Jordan.

No matter how many days you spend with us, we will be delighted to welcome you and help you discover Wadi Rum!

2. Arrival and departure time

You can arrive in the desert in the morning between 7 am and 9 am or in the early evening between 5 pm and 7 pm, you will have to specify the desired time of arrival and departure at the time of your booking, for organizational reasons, but these can be modified in case of change in your trip, as long as these changes are communicated to us at least a few days before your arrival date.

3. Meeting point

To enter Wadi Rum, you will first pass through the village located on the outskirts of it, your guide will give you a meeting place by GPS coordinates, you will also benefit from the number of your guide in order to be able to contact him if you do not find the meeting place.

In addition, many guides are on site and will help you find your way.

You will be able to leave your car in the parking lot if you have one, and leave your luggage there.

4. Means of payment

We take payments at the end of your stay, in cash only.

We ask you to organize yourself in order to have the necessary sums, as there are no banks or ATMs in the vicinity of Wadi Rum.

5. Specific diet

We can accommodate food allergies or special diets, such as vegetarian, but we must be informed at the time of booking, so that the information is taken into account.

6. Packing your travel bag

Visiting Wadi Rum does not require to bring your whole suitcase, which can be left at the parking lot of the village without fear. We therefore recommend you to take a backpack to fill with good shoes and clothes both warm and cold depending on the season, and to be careful as the night can be cold even in high season.

Moreover, we advise you to bring a headlamp, the moon being your only lighting once the night falls, you can also think of bringing a pair of open shoes, pleasant to wear after a day of walking in the desert with hiking shoes.

7. When to visit Wadi Rum

It will be easy to find on the internet sites advising you to visit Jordan preferably during the months of March to May and September to October, because of the temperatures that would be the most pleasant for the visits.

It is true that during these months, the weather conditions are particularly favourable for visiting Jordan and especially Wadi Rum.