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About us

Lifestyle and Traditions

The History of the Bedouin goes back to at least the 6th century BC and our presence on the Syrian steppes.

The Bedouin life is traditionally a pastoral life, as nomadic people, the Bedouin walk with their animals, goats, sheep, and their faithful companion, the camel, according to the seasons and following the water sources.

If the camels have gradually been replaced by pick-up trucks, they still remain nowadays the most important animal in Bedouin life.

If you choose to visit Wadi Rum with us, you will have the opportunity to meet these magnificent camels moving in their natural environment, in complete freedom!

Bedouin Values

The essential values of the Bedouin are those of courage, generosity, a sense of honor, and above all hospitality.The Bedouin hospitality will be felt by any visitor coming to Wadi Rum.

Although the Bedouin have gradually left the nomadic life to settle in houses located in the village at the desert’s edge, we have not forgotten our traditions and our values, especially hospitality.

In addition, some families continue to live in the desert refusing the life in the village, our family is part of those who prefer freedom and the life in the desert.

When you will be invited to eat with us, you should know that we eat with the right hand, the left hand being considered impure…

Ethical tourism

Ethical or responsible tourism is the alternative that allows you to travel while meeting the local population and respecting local development and environmental protection.

One of the pillars of ethical tourism is the preservation of nature, which implies not to require an inappropriate comfort regarding the place visited.

In Wadi Rum you will be spoilt for choice between the various hotel complexes that disfigure the desert and threaten the nature.

You will even find hotels offering Jacuzzis in the desert? Yes, the question arises of the arrival of such quantities of water in a so-called desert area.

Your visit to Wadi Rum can be done with the choice to respect its nature, in a sustainable approach, with us.

No, we will not offer you a good shower after the long day of walking (the shower is possible by choosing the option to sleep at the Bedouin camp, you will however have read how precious water is and will adapt the duration of your showers, we are sure), but believe us, the wipes are enough for a few days and our travel companions thank us for the unique experience of this total immersion in the desert, far from any trace of modern civilization.

Isn’t this what you are looking for in Wadi Rum? The escape and the most total change of scenery?

Responsible tourism also implies meeting the local population and we will be delighted to exchange with you during the hikes, or with a tea (the famous Bedouin tea) by the fire, and to share with you our history, our traditions and even our songs!

Ethical tourism is also this exchange between two cultures, enriching for you as for us.

Another tourism is possible and it is with you, by your choice of responsible tourism, that we will manage together to preserve Wadi Rum!